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Keep The Love Alive by Anita Philmar

#KeepTheLoveAlive with a Pillow and Blanket #CouplesNight #RomanticTip

Grab a bunch of pillows and blanket, put them into the back seat of your car, go for a drive, and see where life takes you.

You can stop at a park and have a picnic of fast food.

Climb in the backseat and watch the sun set.

Go to an old drive in movie theater.

Use them during a baseball game.

Just think outside the box and come up with other things to do.



Keep The Love Alive by Anita Philmar

#KeepTheLoveAlive Myth-Buster #Couples #RomanticTip

Romantic gestures – that you score points and will receive back the same amount you put into it.

Picture from Shutterstock.

Sorry, it’s not like that. If you want to do something for your lover do it because you love them not because you expect something in return.

Keep The Love Alive by Anita Philmar

Hide a Few Love Notes #KeepTheLoveAlive #RomanticTip


Love notes

What a way to send love without being with your lover. Stash a few in his/her briefcase, sit them on the dashboard of your lover’s car, hid them in the cup holder, (just make sure its not a hot day)