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Keep The Love Alive by Anita Philmar

Special Signals for Being in the Mood #KeepTheLoveAlive #RomanticTips

How do you let your lover know you are in the mood?

Why not give him or her a clue?

Play a certain song…”I’m in the mood for love simple because you’re near me…”

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Set a special pillow on the bed…

Leave a note… tonight is the night

Say something like “I thinking I’ll go up and shave.”

What clues do you give?

Think about it and then let your lover know the signal that means you’re in the mood.

Keep The Love Alive by Anita Philmar

I Dare You #LovingCouples #KeepTheLoveAlive #RomanticIdeas

Do something risky like being romantic.

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It may feel as if you are standing on a black diamond ski run, but love requires you open yourself up and reveal how much you care.

If you can’t do this with your lover, who else is there?

Keep The Love Alive by Anita Philmar

Add Music to the Mix #KeepTheLoveAlive #RomanticTip

I have to say that my husband and I didn’t start out with song that we considered “our song” but over the years we have found a few that bring back special memories.

“I love you,

you love me,

we’re a perfect family,

with a great big hug…”

Okay so it’s the Barney song, but it does make us laugh, and oh the memories…

Enjoy the good times and the bad with a special song.

Keep The Love Alive by Anita Philmar

On a Schedule? NOT…. #Lovers #Couples #KeepTheLoveAlive

Changed up my post time to day to show that you don’t have to follow a schedule.

Ten o’clock on Tuesday night, it must be time to have a little fun.

While this can be a way of making sure you make time for your lover. Why not change it up?

So it’s six am on Thursday, you woke up a little early.

Why not see how a little romp in the hay might improve your day?

Being flexible might open a whole new world of possibilities.

Add a little fun, a little love and a little sex anyway you can.

Keep The Love Alive by Anita Philmar

Make a New Picture #Lovers #KeepTheLoveAlive

Create a picture


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in your mind of your lover – remember he/she is not just your husband/wife.

They are handsome, kind, loving, and the one you fell head-over-heels in love with.