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Romantic Myth

Give her an inch and she’ll take a mile.



As long as you keep a woman satisfied, she has no reason to demand a “mile.” It’s only when you are stingy with your time that she builds up resentment and becomes demanding.



You sometimes work overtime at work.

Why not do the same for your relationship?

Put in a little extra time doing all those things that bring you closer to your lover.

Like —

sending a card

getting off work early

sharing a night out

snuggling on the couch.


Ask 'em questions

Want to find fun things to do?

Call around –

parks department

dance studios

cooking schools


Find things to explore together.


Attitude Adjustment

Live as lovers.

Most relationship start out this way but as time goes by other things tend to get in the way.

Remember your not only a husband, wife, mother, father, worker, housekeeper, you are also the love of someone’s life.


Honey, Let's have some fun.

Find a new reason to call your lover — honey.

Drip it over various body parts and lick it off.

A great way to enjoy an afternoon of fun.


Love Me Tender

Listen to some love song that set the mood for a romantic evening.


Up Date on a Romantic Gesture

If you remember I posted the following post on Feb. 7.  I thought this was a very clever at the time.

This picture gave me an idea of using my lip stick on something other than my lips.

Why not use your lips stick to paint a set of lips on your bathroom mirror?

Would your lover guess that you’re trying to say “I love you?”

Or maybe try it at the end of a love letter.

Love to hear if your lover responds to the lipstick signature.———

Well, here’s what happen to me. My husband made no comment of the lips on the mirror.

When I asked “What he thought of the lipstick on the mirror?

He said, “That I wanted to give him a back rub?”

Not, but it did make me laugh. So not all gesture go as expected, but at least I tried.