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Black Dragon's Series by Anita Philmar

Black Dragon Blood

Black Dragon's Blood Cover

by Anita Philmar

(a hot erotic author)

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1st book in the series


ISBN: 1- 60154 – 232 – 1

COPYRIGHT © 2008 by Anita Philmar

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author or The Wild Rose Press except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. Contact Information:


Amanda Spencer is a woman haunted by her first husband’s murder and determined to find his killer. After two marriages, she doesn’t believe there is a man that can give her what she truly wants a child.

William VanHorn is a determine politician that has black Dragon’s blood running through his body. With strong desires, he finds the perfect mate in Amanda. Yet the political unrest of the Dragon blood sector of the population is driving him to search for answers to the declining birth rate of the group. As leader of the Dragon Center, he has to find answers and Amanda holds the keys to everything he needs.

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The predator’s scent hung in the air, a direct contrast to carefree party going on. The tart citric aroma mixed with the spicy heat of Habanero peppers trapped her as effectively as shackles tightened about her limbs.

She had no doubt about his hunger. Raw and greedy, a strong sexual appetite made this man prowl, drove him to search for the right mate.

The same cravings ran through her dragon blood, ruled her thoughts and fought with her intellectual side. The hunger to have a man had plagued her since she reached puberty. But as the female of the species, she’d learned to hide it beneath a fey veil of decorum and graceful avoidance.

Her tongue ran over her lips. The tart flavor of him floated on the twilight breeze and tickled her taste buds. Her body responded with an excitement that alerted every cell to his proximity and to the hot desire to have him as her mate.

The air, electrified by his desire, waltzed over her senses like the seductive music whirling around the party guests. He was heading in her direction, but she refused to turn and watch him enter through the large stone archway that led to the metal patio. He would be at her side soon enough. Her scarlet body-hugging gown and air-spike heels wouldn’t be necessary to attract his attention. He knew her scent.

As a distraction from the erratic pulse beating through her system, Amanda endured her self-inflicted level of starvation and glanced at the red glow in the western sky. The bright orange streak from the spirit comet marked the end of work length. Fun and sex would be on everyone’s mind for the next three days.

The night young, she recognized the heated looks from both men and women. Many eyes followed the man stalking her every step.

His strong animal magnetism, dark looks and muscular frame drew female attention. She could picture him in her mind, tracking her footsteps. His quiet hunter gait tread across the dark iron flooring. The jungle of twisted metal that formed tables and chairs didn’t slow his pace. His dark gaze focused on her back.

Excitement sprang from the women around her. Several fluttered their hands nervously over their breasts, hoping needlessly to become his next lover. But the dragon’s blood running through his body would never be satisfied with the conquest of inferior human blood. He stalked her for that reason.

And Amanda knew it.

Heat coursed through her veins as he came within striking distance. No one in Scaup could save her now.

“Can I get you something to drink, Amanda?” The tall blond man beside her drew her attention from the predator’s presence.

She gave Nathan her most seductive smile, unable to keep from toying with the handsome figure of a man. The dark force closing in on her heels would not be pleased to find her enticing another. Her smile widened. She refused to be easy prey. “How very sweet of you, Nathan…”

A large hand pressed against her lower back. “There’s no need, Nathan. I’ll direct Amanda to the bar.” William’s deep voice allowed no opposition. “Amanda?”

Nathan’s questioning glance told her that he and other males in the area had picked up the rich scent of her dragon blood. Knowing the young buck, he’d probably be willing to fight for her honor. William would of course devour anyone in his way. Amanda couldn’t see wasting such a beautiful male resource.

She laid a reassuring hand on Nathan’s arm. “I think William wants to show me around, seeing as I haven’t been invited to one of his parties before. As head of the Dragon Center, I’m sure he has all sorts of treasures he wants to reveal. I’ll be back in a few moments.”

Nodding at several other people standing nearby, she let William maneuver her into the house, past elegant rooms filled with expensive furnishings made of copper, silver, gold and iron. Tall marble columns stood beside a circular staircase that wound up an amazing three stories, a classic example of the early architecture of the post dragon era. Even the crystal globes, which sent prisms of light sparkling around the entryway, represented the same polished stone of the time period.

William, determined to be alone with her, didn’t speak or pause to address anyone on his course to his study. Once inside, he slid the door shut, as if secure in the knowledge he had her contained.

Amanda smiled.

She knew what was coming, had been expecting this ploy. She stepped to one of the wing back chairs in front of his desk, sat and spread the fine fabric of her gown around her ankles. “I take it you wanted to talk to me.”

His long easy stride ate up the distance to his chair behind his desk. She noticed the strong elegant lines of his dark gray silk suit. The jacket accented his large square shoulders and ended at the top of his hips. Tight pants hugged his buttocks and thick thighs. Light pink ruffles ran down the front of his shirt and hid the magnetic clips, which held the whole thing together. With a mere flick of her finger, she could have him undressed. Tempted, her hands started to sweat.

He took his seat and pulled a thin sheaf of metal forward. “I have the prenuptial agreement right here.” Dark brooding eyes met hers over the top of the documents. “I have a list of jewels and property you will receive upon our marriage.”

He offered the contract for her to review, but ignoring it, Amanda smoothed her hands over the satin material of her skirt. The nerves in her stomach knotted. Her heart raced in her chest. His square jaw framed by his raven black hair showed a man with a purpose. He wanted her as his mate. “That’s very considerate of you, William, but I’m not interested.”

His full lips formed into a straight line as he dropped the thin metal sheets back on his desk with a soft ting and tented his long slender fingers together. The sharp claws of a predator’s rage flickered briefly in the depths of his eyes. “I don’t think you understand. You don’t have a choice in the matter if you want your father to keep his job.” His tone held a threat, one Amanda was sure he could carry out.

“Good.” She refused to pay for another of her father’s mistakes. “As far as I’m concerned, he should be fired. Any man who fools around with a married woman deserves to be dismissed.”

A determined glint flashed in his eyes, which only stiffened her resolve. She rose from her chair. “I’m not a pawn, William. My father played a card like this one before and foolishly I went along to help him. But not this time.”

She took a step toward the thick metal door. From the corner of her eye, she saw him stand, large and intimidating, every muscle primed to pounce. A shiver of sexual awareness raced down her spine, and a drop of liquid need slipped between her legs.

“I suggest you do your job and kick my father’s butt to purgatory and back.” A hint of a smile played over her lips as she considered her father’s reaction to his latest deal. For once his little girl wasn’t going to bail him out of one of his problems. “I’m not for sale.”

William blocked her path before she could take more than two additional steps; a gift of his blood to be able to react so quickly. Her curse was to smell his heat, to know his need, to want him inside her, making her blood boil. Luckily, the human part of her nature controlled her actions, reminded her of past heartache.

“A woman with your level of dragon blood needs a man, needs to have his children.” His strong hand circled her forearm. She sensed the heavy pulse of his blood beating against her tender skin.

“Not a possibility, William, even if I did agree to marry you.” She tugged her arm from his grasp. “I’ve been married twice. In neither case did I have a child. With you, it would be no different.”

His eyes narrowed to slits. “Are you telling me you’re unable to bear children?”

“You’re an intelligent man, William. What do you think?”

“Your father didn’t tell me this.”

“Yes, well, why would he? It would have been counterproductive to his plan, wouldn’t it?” The angry tightening of his jaw told Amanda she’d gained her freedom.

Stepping around him, she slid the door open on the metal railing and stood for a moment staring at his back. Other more pressing business required her attention. If she was lucky, she could get home, pack and get out of town before William picked up her trail again.

“Good luck finding some other lady to meet your needs, William.”


“Why are you running again?” Nancy stepped away from the spit-iron bed and straightened her black skirt.

“I don’t have a choice. You know our history.” Amanda glanced quickly at her young maid, then studied the contents of her luggage to ensure everything she would need had been packed. The planet in the middle of its dark cycle, she wanted the cover of night to make her escape. “Men whose ancestors once ate dragon meat absorbed their instinctive hunger for a mate with similar backgrounds.”

Amanda couldn’t help but think of the number of times in the last several years she’d had to flee to avoid some man’s advances. Her father had known her desire not to marry again. Yet he played his game of deception on her again. His only concern was to bail himself out of trouble, regardless of her happiness.

She’d played along with her father’s scheme when she’d married her second husband. Her hope had been that if she were married, other men with high levels of dragon blood would quit hounding her with proposals. They had interfered with her efforts to find answers to her first husband’s death. But her second husband hadn’t let her out of his sight. With his unexpected death, she was now free to find Mark’s killer.

If she could escape William.

“Every man on this planet believes I want to give up my freedom so I can bear him children.” Amanda knew the young girl didn’t understand the problem. With only a small amount of dragon blood in her system, Nancy didn’t have a choice. She would have to find a normal man to marry.

Nancy frowned and hung a dress on the metal clip in the closet. “I know all that, but who’s after you this time?”

“William VanHorn. He’s a dangerous opponent. As the new head of the Dragon Center, he has connections I’m going to be hard pressed to fight.” Amanda hit the closing button on her luggage and walked to the bedroom door. The bag floated along behind her. “That’s why I have to leave in the dead of night. He’ll have spies everywhere. Not to mention the fact he has the means to tap into my personal tracking device code.”

Nancy followed along. “But I thought you went to his party tonight to reason with him.”

“I thought I could, until he pulled out the marriage contract. I knew then I was playing on borrowed time.” Amanda wove her way through the house.

“Don’t worry,” she reassured Nancy. “Just do your job. Tell anyone who asks that you don’t know where I’ve gone or when I’ll be back.”

The girl’s worried face held an element of fear. “But how will I pay the bills?”

“My brother will take care of anything you need. Just contact him. You have his message number.” Amanda walked out the back door and opened the trunk of her Zeppelin. She stored her things and turned to her maid, who’d been her constant companion for the past year. She gave the girl a fierce hug. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

With a smile, Amanda got in and started the vehicle. The flight path she needed to take would eat up several bongs, and her brother’s cabin would put her closer to her final destination. After a short side trip to take care of some personal business, she would simply disappear.

“Pickled herons, I hate this.”


Amanda woke with a vague sensation that someone else was in the room

Watching the midday shadows dance across the rustic walls of her brother’s cabin, she listened for any sound or movement in the room. To her dismay, a spicy citrus scent hit her senses.

“You almost made me believe you until I checked your medical records.” William’s deep voice came from the other side of the room.

Turning her head, she saw him standing by the fireplace. She shook her strawberry blonde hair out of her eyes. Overcome by the heated peppery aroma of him, she struggled to focus on the man and not her body’s response to his scent. “How did you get in here?”

He shifted several split boles and laid them against the spitting flames of natural butane. “Your brother let me in.”

“And why would he do that?” Amanda rolled over and sat up, unconcerned by what the blankets did or didn’t conceal. Her high collared sleeping-gown covered her from neck to ankles.

“He likes his job.” William placed the poker back in its stand and turned. His dark gaze skimmed over her, and her breasts tightened at his heated glance.

“You threatened my brother’s job?” She couldn’t believe the man’s determination.

“No, I told him I wanted to see my wife.” William stepped forward making his way to the bed, but before he could get there, Amanda vaulted up from the mattress. She didn’t have time to deal with this delay. She needed to prepare for her appointment with York.

She stood toe to toe with William, aware that his height gave the man a distinct advantage. His close proximity sent tingles of awareness racing over her skin. “But we’re not married.”

“We soon will be.” His hands settled around her waist.

She braced her hands against his arms to keep him from moving any closer. The heady scent of tart limes filled her mouth with wet desire, and her body swayed.

Swallowing the need gathering on her tongue, she quickly tried to think of a way to work her way out of the current situation. “I don’t think you understand, William. I don’t want to marry you.”

“You will.”

His arrogant statement hit her in the gut. She had no recourse. The current laws of Scaup wouldn’t protect her from his demands. After the last war, the government had granted men with dragon slayer ancestors any mate of their choosing, a prize for gaining the country its freedom. If he wanted her as his wife, she couldn’t turn him down. But she might be able to get him to rethink his plans.

“Why do you want to marry me?”

“You’re stalling.” He tugged her closer. “You know I want you to bear my children.” His mouth nibbled the side of her neck. “I plan on keeping you with child for the next five years.”

Her blood ignited. Hot desire coursed through her veins. She struggled to keep her mind on the path of her argument and not on the lips teasing her ear. “How do you know I can get pregnant? I have red dragon blood. We simmer. We don’t boil.”

His hands drew her hips closer which forced his hard erection against her growing need. “I’ll make you boil.”

“What makes you think you can achieve that feat when two other men have failed?” Amanda’s hands lay on the curve of his shoulders. His rich spicy fragrance played over her senses, building a desire to melt into his muscular body. She stiffened her spine to keep from brushing repeatedly against him.

A smirk whispered across his face. “For centuries the people in my family fed off black dragon meat. It changed our genetic makeup. No men on the planet are stronger, more agile or more sexually robust than those who ate the meat or drank the blood of that savage beast.” His mouth slid along her jaw line and teased her bottom lip. “No woman can resist a man with black dragon blood. Not even you.”

His arrogant tone excited her with the possibility of having his baby. But if he got her pregnant she would be tied to him forever. Amanda shoved the thought aside and scrambled for a way to defeat him. “And if I do, then will you release me?”


The sweet tantalizing scent of her sex radiated from her skin, enticing his senses. William tasted the tangy flavor of desire on her lips. Amanda was deceiving herself if she believed he couldn’t give her satisfaction. He knew he could. His edacious hunger would not be happy with anything less.

“You’re mine.” His lips covered hers. He tasted the candy orange zest mixed with the red peppery heat of her nature. His tongue savored both sweet and spicy as he stroked the soft flesh of her mouth. When she moaned, marking her surrender, he drew her full, curvy body tighter.

“You can’t win.” He deliberately held her gaze and lifted her in his arms. Two steps away, he lowered her to the bed and shoved the blankets onto the floor. Her smooth silky skin glowed with need. “Your body is already on fire. I can smell your heat.”

Her gaze trailed down his body, stopping at the thick bulge in his trousers. “I can no more control my reaction than you can yours,” she panted.

“Then why do you think I can’t please you?” His hands hit the metal snap that held her gown together. The light magnetic force gave easily under his touch.

“Because I’ve been down this path before. Neither of my husbands could take me to the point of opening my womb.”

William couldn’t believe she had been with such incompetent men. Yet, the records he’d seen showed both men had lower dragon blood levels than he and of lesser dragon type.

“I have every intention of having you with child before the day is through.”

“And if not, then I’m free?” Amanda placed her hands over his when he touched the thin material covering her breasts. She wanted his promise. “I’ll be free, right?”


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“Why I decided to Write Black Dragon Blood,” my first erotic romance. At the time, I had never written an erotic story. Wasn’t sure that I could even do it?

Yes, it had to have hot sex scene which I love, but it needed even more. So, I decide to create another world, one where the men were stronger, faster, and braver. These men had eaten the meat of Dragon’s. They had incorporated the dragon’s power into their DNA.

Yes, but they also needed conflict, something that challenged them. My first thought was women. Yeah, ladies, don’t we love to test the depths of a man’s love.

Next, I wanted a little murder, mystery and a bad guy. All were needed to create a story to push the limit and create a romance that readers could enjoy. When I looked at the challenge a woman could present, I decide Amanda had to have decided years ago that men were the last thing she wanted.


Well, her first husband had been murdered, and because of his death she’d lost her child. Why you might ask? In this world, men provide nutrition to their unborn baby by having sex with their wives. Okay, see the reason for have lots of hot sex, regularly. Amanda’s second husband is also dead. Makes one wondered why, doesn’t it?

So when William, the head of the Black Dragon Council wants to marry her, you can see why Amanda is not overjoyed by the offer. She decides to put into question her ability to bare William’s child and exits stage left in a hurry. William can’t let it go and follows her.

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