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Fantasy by Anita Philmar

Fairy Fun

Fairy Fun by Anita Philmar

by Anita Philmar

a hot erotic author

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COPYRIGHT 2011 by Anita Philmar – a hot erotic author

All rights reserved.
No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author or The Wild Rose Press except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.
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Dedrick Forester, Prince of Endole, is fast approaching the end of his fairy cycle, which means losing his ability to fly, transforming into a wood gnome, and having to choose a mate. Until then he just wants to have fun…and lots of sex.

King Rosewood of Evermore is determined to see his daughter wed, but Chloe loves the freedom of fairy flight too much to settle down as a frumpy old wood gnome. She escapes and spreads her wings to reach new heights…like air sex with a stranger.

Combine her passion with Dedrick’s and sparks light up the sky. Both discover pleasure beyond their wildest fantasies. But neither is prepared for the emotional connection. Now Dedrick must convince Chloe that losing her wings doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to fly?

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“Darn, spring shower.” Dedrick Forester flicked his fairy wings several times to clear the moisture and then stepped into Melvin’s Chocolate Bar to rest while the clouds cleared.

He collapsed his wings and glanced around the crowded bar. A group of wood nymphs sat near the firestone. Their hungry gazes ran over him, sparking his ever-present lust into a flame. He smiled. They giggled, before turning back to the couples swaying on the sunken dance floor.

Rebuffed by the wood nymphs’ lack of attention, he continued scanning the place for an empty seat. Dryads and fairies occupied the tall tables in the center of the room. The low hum of the patrons buzzed along with the tidal wave song the Sea Shell Band was belting out at the far end of the pub.

Dedrick shrugged off his irritation with women in general, walked to the bar and grabbed a mushroom stool near Melvin Peckerwood. As owner and bartender of the establishment, Melvin knew all the residents of Endole. Wood gnomes and their pre-transformed fairy offspring, along with dryads and wood nymphs were all welcome at his place.

In the last phase of the fairy cycle, Dedrick would soon lose his ability to fly when he turned into a wood gnome…unless he went with the other option and became a dryad. But even that had a down side. Yes, he’d get plenty of sex, but with no chance of an heir to the throne. “Hey, Mel, can I ask you a personal question?”

“Sure, you can ask, but I might not answer.”

“What made you decide to become a dryad instead of following the natural process of mating and changing into a wood gnome like your parents?”

“Look at me.” Melvin stepped back and brushed his hand through his curly hair. Average in height as a dryad, his red hair stood in disarray as his bottle top glasses slid a little lower on his nose. “What woman in her right mind would want to wake up to find this unruly mop between her legs every morning?”

The rough insinuation to oral sex conjured a picture in Dedrick’s head. He groaned and wondered if he’d ever think about anything other than sex. “But you’ve been successful with your bar and all the wood nymphs seem to love you.”

A toothy grin flashed across Melvin’s face. “Yes, but I wake to a different set of them every morning. Keeps the boredom at bay and makes for an active sex life, but I’m not in danger of long term commitment.”

Wow, if I could only get a little of his action.

Dedrick plopped his elbows on the bar and propped his chin on fisted hands. “Man, Mel, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever venture under a fairy’s skirt again. When I first turned of age, they played with me and used their magic to free my cock. But now, with me so close to turning into a wood gnome they’re avoiding me, afraid I’ll claim them and take away their ability to fly.” He squirmed on the stool. “I feel like a bumblebee whose stinger has gone missing. I’m dying to sample some honey, but I can’t collect any nectar. And soon, I will be forced to choose my mate.”

Mel laughed and wiped a rag over the bar. “What you need is a stiff chocolate to ease the pain in your balls. As part of the royal family, plenty of females would love to be your bride.” He glanced at the patrons scattered throughout the bar.

“Right.” Dedrick weighed the enjoyment of sex with the cost of a long-term commitment. If his lust turned into love, then he could satisfy his parents’ demand for him to marry and at the same time have a wife he’d want to fuck regularly. “But I can’t let loose because I’m not ready to lose my wings and be grounded just yet.”

“Yes, but you don’t have long before you pass the age to fly anyway.” Mel shook his head and picked up a coco-shell to pour another drink. He pulled back the lever, and the rich aroma of chocolate filled the air. Just a whiff and the wicked scent calmed Dedrick’s racing hormones.

Mel placed a drink in front of Dedrick and muttered under his breath. “You just have to tempt them with something they’ve never tried before.”

“Have you ever done it while flying?” A soft female voice whispered near Dedrick’s right shoulder.

Perfect. He turned and a zing of lust shot through his balls.

A fairy with dark auburn hair stood behind him. Her sea-green eyes held a teasing glint, and a come-hither smile welcomed him closer. He dropped his gaze and scanned her lush body. The small swell of her breasts barely rose above the thin gossamer fabric of her top, teasing him with glimpses of her peaking nipples.
He lowered his eyes to keep her from noticing the hunger pulsing through his blood. The curvy dip of her waist led to the wide flare of her skirt, which fell smoothly over her hips and ended at the top of her creamy thighs. Long silky legs robbed his brain of coherent thought—other than having them wrapped around his waist. His cock twitched.

“Always wondered if it could be done.” The lady glided to the counter, and Mel handed her the same chocolate concoction.

“Some say there’s no better sex.” Mel picked up his rag and walked down the length of the bar to another customer.

Dedrick wrapped his hands around his drink to keep from grabbing the sexy fairy and pulling her into his arms. Pictures flashed in his head—his hands around her waist, her nipples in his mouth, his cock deep inside her pussy. He groaned. “Sounds like an adventure we should try.”

He lifted his shell and gulped down a swallow. The warm, rich ambrosia caressed his taste buds and ignited images of sipping a woman’s pussy. The heady kick intensified the nervous excitement over the possibility of finally relieving the ache in his cock.

“My name is Chloe.” The lady lifted her drink as if in toast. “Let’s drink to us both enjoying the experience.”

Intrigued by her suggestion of air-sex, Dedrick touched his glass to hers. Energy sizzled down his spine, and he fought his impatience. “Dedrick, and when would you like to give it a go?”

After taking a long swig, she dabbed her finger at each corner of her mouth. “Why not right now?”

His cock jumped and his brain hit overload. He forced his unsteady hands to lower his shell back to the bar. Was she just teasing him? “Last I looked it was raining.”

She grinned before raising her drink to her lips and tipping back her drink. Was the lady looking for Dutch chocolate courage?

She set down her shell and raised a brow. “I bet it’s stopped by now. And if not, the canopy of the trees should protect us from most of the heavy drops.”

He glanced at her body again and wondered if he’d fallen into an erotic dream. “I’m game if you are?”

A silly smile crossed her face. She laid her hand on his shoulder and stepped around him. He watched the gentle sway of her hips, the sweet rhythm an intro to the heart-pounding beat to come. He stood and followed her past a rowdy group of wood nymphs near the exit.

Once outside, he blinked at the sky, which had brightened since he’d stepped into the bar. The trees glistening in the sunlight provided the perfect opportunity to play. He spread his wings and lifted effortlessly off the ground.

Chloe floated a short distance away, and he flapped his wings to maneuver closer.

“See you in the sky.” She darted off and rose quickly to the top of the trees.

Unwilling to let her escape, he flapped his wings and matched each move, point to counter-point. When she paused for a quick breath, he caught her around the waist and pulled her close. He studied her smiling face. What was her motivation for inviting him outside? “I thought you longed to have air sex, not race around like a lost hummingbird.”

She slid her hands over his chest and circled his neck. “I didn’t want an audience to the event.”

“So you flew up where only the birds roam free.” He drew her tighter into his arms and marveled at the cushiony caress of her breasts against his chest. Her sweet, honeysuckle aroma played over his senses. Had she bathed in the flower’s pollen?

“Yes. Now, we can play naked in the sky without anyone seeing us.” Her green eyes flashed with excitement, and the rich pink color of her lips captured his attention.

He skimmed his hands down her sides and gripped the round curve of her ass. She bucked her hips forward and moist heat cradled the hard line of his erection. He lowered his head and whispered against her lip. “But first let me taste you.”

Not giving her time to answer, he captured her mouth with his and dipped his tongue inside. The hot flavor of chocolate sang across his taste buds. He explored the enticing recesses of her mouth, more intoxicating than the actual drink. Sharp teeth, plush cheeks, and warring tongue, each discovery thrilled him more. She leaned closer and melted in surrender.

A fire burned through his blood, and he broke away from the heavenly rapture of her lips to catch his breath.

“Oh,” hummed from her lips and she tilted her head. Wild green eyes, her lips slightly parted, her face revealed her enjoyment of their kiss and her desire to experience more.

The light breeze of their descent encouraged him to flap his wings a little harder. The movement pulled her body closer. He swept his hands along her rib cage until his thumbs rested just under her breasts. The thin fabric of her blouse disappeared at his touch, a wonderful product of fairy magic. Heat stained her neck and flowed over her chest to her bountiful breasts. Pink nipples darkened with embarrassment—or maybe desire.

She arched her back. Oh, yes. The lady wants to give me a taste.

Such eagerness fed his hunger. He lowered his head and licked the peaking tips.

“Dedrick.” Her fingers wove their way through his hair and tugged his head closer. “Please don’t tease me.”

He stroked the tight berry again and muttered, “Wouldn’t dream of it,” before sucking the stiff kernel into his mouth.

She cried out, and air from the rapid pulse of her wings fanned his body. He understood her excitement. His pulse beat with a tattoo of a million drums. Blood stretched his cock to its limit, and he shifted his legs to ease the stress.

Determined to please her, he tugged, teased, and massaged her breasts. A moan hummed through her chest. The sound created a vibration that played over his tongue. He released his hold and sucked her other nipple deep. From one to the other, he gave neither a moment’s rest. Hands, mouth, and tongue, he caressed each with gentle strokes and hard demands.

Her hips bucked against his, and he trekked one hand over her stomach. Again the material disappeared with his touch. He ventured lower and brushed the crisp hair covering her mound. He closed his eyes and sought the heavenly heat of her pussy.

Her wings fluttered briefly to a stop. She shifted and the change in position caused a loss in altitude. Her breast was yanked from his mouth as he continued upward.

“No, I’ve wanted to have air sex for years now.” She quickly flapped her wings, and he stopped to let her catch up. A short distance from him, Chloe paused, her head level with his crotch. Her hands caressed the fabric covering his thighs and slithered upward to the bulge between his legs.

Impatient for her to rid him of the confining cloth, he knotted his hands at his side and rasped, “Please don’t stop now.”

She glanced up and a wicked smile touched her lips before her gaze returned to his tight pants. “Once I free you from your knickers, will you let me play with your stiff rod?”

He groaned in longing. “I’ll let you do anything you want.”

“Really, now?” She stroked his crotch. His pants disappeared and his cock sprang free.

“Oh, yeah.” He widened his legs. Cool air hit his inflamed flesh, and her fingers fluttered around his erection. Unable to handle the rapture of her touch, air caught in his lungs and he couldn’t draw in his next breath.

With her hands caressing him and her head a short distance from his cock, he pictured her mouth sliding along its length. A strained gasp escaped his lips. His ass tightened, and his rod jutted forward. Her hand slid toward the curly hair at the base of his shaft.

“That feels so incredible.”

She licked her lips and peered at the blunt tip. So close…he fluttered his wings to edge closer to her moist mouth. Her lips parted and a light kiss touched the tip.

A sudden updraft caught him, and he somersaulted over her head. “No…”

She grabbed his feet, and his momentum slung her into the heavens.

He dove and hurtled into a few out of control loops before he righted himself and glanced around. “Chloe, where are you?”

“Right, here?”

Looking up and to the right, he caught sight of her naked form. The soft petals of her sex slid passed his gaze as she sank. Her narrow waist came into view, followed by her plush breasts. Blood that had been rushing for his head turned back south, and his tossed body reignited. He tipped his wings and zoomed in her direction. His hands landed on her waist, and he spun them in circles like a free falling leaf.

The force drew her closer, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He fluttered his wings and stopped the dizzying spin. With her head lying on his shoulder, he lowered his mouth to kiss the luscious line of her neck. She sighed.

Already pulsing with need, Dedrick smoothed a hand down her body and cupped her sex.

“Yes,” whispered past his ear.

He stroked a finger along her moist slit and dipped inside, then used her cream to moisten her clit. One feathery stroke, two, then he thrust inside her pussy again. She rocked her pelvis and urged him deeper.

Again so close to having his hunger appeased, the hot pressure in his balls demanded his attention. He ignored the call of his cock a moment longer to explore her moist pussy. The small bud of her clit blossomed and teased his fingertip.

A cry erupted from her, and she tightened her arms around his neck.

Thrilled by her response, he lightly stroked the sensitive area and sent random thrusts deep into her pussy.

“Dedrick!” Her heavy breathing and jerky movement revealed her place at the edge of an orgasm.

He released her and wrapped his hand around his pulsing cock. “I can’t hold out any longer.”

With one thrust, he plunged deep and his balls rocked between her legs. She gasped, and he groaned, instinctual sounds, yet the divine call from their soul to mate drove his cock deeper, desperate to release its load. He rocked his hips, working back and forth and in and out, each thrust growing stronger. Electricity ignited every cell. His groin wound so tight he wondered if he’d ever walk again. He clenched his teeth and plunged deeper into her passionate heat.

Unable to maintain the steady action of his wings with the powerful force of his mounting orgasm, his body froze for an instant. A bullet of cum shot through his cock and into her cunt.

Her legs clamped together. She squeezed his cock, milking him, demanding more. The sweet pulse of her orgasm hit, and his loins tightened. Her wings and breathe whistled in a siren’s song, arousing him to new heights.

He rocked, once, twice then he filled her with a second load.

She screamed and her body melted against him. He sucked in air and marveled at the sheer euphoria of air sex.

Her arms loosened and then lost their hold.

With his wings still and Chloe’s lack of support, he slipped from her pussy like an acorn from the sky. The sudden cold air on his cock intensified the loss of her warmth. He gazed at the moist petals of her sex, dripping with his love juices. The musky scent surrounding him, whet his appetite for more. He pumped his wings, but another updraft swept them apart.

“Fuck,” erupted from his lips and a new form of magic swelled in his heart.

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