By either doing chores together or by combining chores.

Then you can have extra time to have  fun with your lover

and you can each learn to appreciate what the other one is doing.


I find it especially helpful when my husband helps after a hard day or when I am tired.

Example is when my husband and I have returned from doing golf, tennis, hiking. I’m tired and want only to crash on the couch, but usually we are both hungry too. So we split the job of fixing lunch by me starting to make the food while my husband is in the shower. When he’s done, he finished things up while I then take my shower.

Yes, we may not be doing the chore together, but the burden is only on one of us to get a meal on the table.

Working together, we both get what we want faster without one or the other of us feeling as if we’re not being appreciated for going that extra mile.


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